Soul​-​Heart Sessions: Winter Leaves

by Fathom 9

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    This is a story of the newness of meetings, the imagining of love in all of its possibilities, and of old wounds that revisit in moments when the silence is deafening. Allow the music to immerse you in the story; insert yourselves completely. Open your hearts…widen your gaze…lend me your ears.




An instrumental story of the newness of love and first meetings, and heartache...


released May 1, 2011

Soul-Heart Sessions: Winter Leaves by Fathom 9

The Soul-Heart Sessions: Winter Leaves

By: Fathom 9

Track Listing

I. Intro

II. Sounds of Autumn

III. Coffee Shop

IV. Sunshine

V. D’Angelo Stringfello (Whoa Whoa Whoa, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

VI. FukYaMan

VII. Aural Nexus

VIII. Falling In Love

IX. Vivo Sonhando* (Getz/Gilberto snip)

X. Skipping through Leaves

XI. Jazzabel

XII. Intimate Moments (STCC Beat)

XIII. Betrayal

XIV. Foolish Child

XV. The Sad Man

XVI. Goodbye to the Past

XVII. Winter Leaves (Fathom 9)



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Fathom 9/Cronos/Dr. Anon/Brotherhood of Doom Memphis, Tennessee

Fathom 9 is: emcee, producer, author to name a few tags, but this is merely scratching the surface of his eclectic universe…Within this shell of a man dwells realms unimaginable, esoteric.

How does one describe an enigma?

Simply, You cannot. An enigma must be experienced...
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Track Name: Fathom 9 - Soul-Heart Sessions: Winter Leaves
All instrumental (one complete mix) Time: 42:35