Sadatay! (Melodic Masturbation)

from by Fathom 9



“I want to sing.


Inside of You.

We can set the song to repeat, with remixes and alternate takes; special editions and unreleased mixes.You can take lead, and I’ll be your background.

Satin Sheet music.

Gangsta Love over dubs.

Me, finding that lost lyric dangling from the edge of your lips with my own—and like blue notes we…just…hold…it…right…there.


Colorful Greys to Brown-Blue Hues of Blue Note quotes….Your treble troubles my still waters. The taste of your bass is…groovy.We make Love to make Music to Make Love…

Inverse. Reverse. Repeat. Never Cease.

I want to sing tonight into tomorrow inside of you.

I want to sing.


Inside of You.”
— (fathom 9)


from Notes from Underground: Train Music, released November 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Fathom 9/Cronos/Dr. Anon/Brotherhood of Doom Memphis, Tennessee

Fathom 9 is: emcee, producer, author to name a few tags, but this is merely scratching the surface of his eclectic universe…Within this shell of a man dwells realms unimaginable, esoteric.

How does one describe an enigma?

Simply, You cannot. An enigma must be experienced...
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