Battle Cry of the Wanderlust

from by Fathom 9



“Them you call crazy because they scale sky scraping mountains—and leap to what is believed to be their death.
But they leaped, that they might KNOW what LIVING feels like.
I envy such intrepid souls, for I spew the little I know from the vicarious touch…sad and ignorant.

— fathom 9


from Notes from Underground: Train Music, released November 27, 2012
Fathom 9



all rights reserved


Fathom 9/Cronos/Dr. Anon/Brotherhood of Doom Memphis, Tennessee

Fathom 9 is: emcee, producer, author to name a few tags, but this is merely scratching the surface of his eclectic universe…Within this shell of a man dwells realms unimaginable, esoteric.

How does one describe an enigma?

Simply, You cannot. An enigma must be experienced...
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